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Complete Fish & Catchables List

Updated February 14, 2010. Bold entries are recent. This is a listing of all 361 official fish and other items you can catch in the 7Seas Fishing Game. We add more every couple of weeks. And if you want hundreds MORE fish and other goodies, check out the Custom Catchables made by our community!

This list is also accessible using an Oceanography Database, which includes images of many of the items available. (You may need to widen your browser to more easily read these charts.)

Pet Fish by Rarity

Common Uncommon Rare UltraRare
(L1+ Pro Only)
(L5 Pro Only)
Black Betta
Blacklight Angelfish
Blacklight Rock Beauty
Blackred Marlin
Blue Banded Fish
Blue Betta
Blue Frost Fish
Blue Marlin
Blue Venom Fish
Blue Flounder
Blue Guppy
Blue Juv Emperor
Brown Flounder
Brown Frill Seahorse
Bubble Goldfish
Butterflyfish Dotty
Butterflyfish Luna
Copper Banded Fish
Dotty Blue Seahorse
Dotty Pink Seahorse
Dotty Yellow Seahorse
Green Betta
Green Clownfish
Green Flounder
Green Guppy
Magenta Betta
Maine Lobster
Mama Flame Angel Yellow
Maroon Clownfish
Orange Goldfish
Orange Seahorse
Papa Flame Angel Green
Pink Banded Fish
Pink Plankton
Purple Guppy
Purple Raccoon Fish
Red Flounder
Red Guppy
Red Raccoon Fish
Red Venom Fish
Salmon 6 in
Skunk Shrimp
Striped Angelfish
Sooty Angelfish
Teal Ragged Fish
Tuna 6 in
White Goldfish
White Guppy
White Venom Fish
Yellow Flounder
Yellow Guppy
Yellow Raccoon Fish
Yellow Rock Beauty
Aqua Clownfish
Banded Coral Shrimp
Bekko Koi
Blacklight Seahorse
Blue Catfish
Blue Heart Seahorse
Blue Jellyfish
Blue Lobster
Blue Mermaid
Blue Merman
Blue Plankton
Brown Lamprey
Brown Lionfish
Butterflyfish Light
Butterflyfish Sunset
BW Banded Fish
Calico Goldfish
Cerenkov Blue Mutant
Cocoa Ragged Fish
Gamma Green Mutant
Glow Raccoon Fish
Gray Betta
Gray Lamprey
Green Catfish
Green Lamprey
Kohaku Koi
Krypton Orange Mutant
Kumonryu Koi
Mama Flame Angel Orange
Mohawk Mermaid
Mohawk Merman
Multicolor Jellyfish
Orange Clownfish
Orange Ragged Fish
Papa Flame Angel Blue
Pink Frost Fish
Plum Frill Seahorse
Puffer Fish
Purple Banded Fish
Purple Betta
Purple Catfish
Purple Heart Seahorse
Purple Jellyfish
Purple Ragged Fish
Red Betta
Salmon 12 in
Silver Marlin
Steel Raccoon Fish
Tancho Goldfish
Tancho Koi
Tancho Sanke Koi
Tuna 12 in
Ultra Violet Mutant
White Jellyfish
Yellow Catfish
Aka Matsuba Koi
Blacklight Marlin
Blacktip Goldfish
Black Moor Goldfish
Black Ragged Fish
Blond Scuba Boy
Blonde Scuba Girl
Blue Clownfish
Blue Lamprey
Blue Lionfish
Blue Ragged Fish
Brunette Scuba Girl
Butterflyfish Hex
Butterflyfish Shift
Butterflyfish Treble
Celestial Goldfish
Crab Sushi
Electric Eel
Fed Jellyfish
Gold Banded Fish
Great White Shark
Green Plankton
Hammerhead Shark
Hikari Utsuri Koi
Mama Flame Angel Red
Manta Ray
Mohawk Scuba Boy
Ochiba Koi
Papa Flame Angel Violet
Pastel Shift Betta
Pink Clownfish
Puffed Puffer Fish
Purple Clownfish
Red Lamprey
Salmon 18 in
Salmon Sushi
Shift Banded Fish
Shift Flounder
Shift Frill Seahorse
Shift Jellyfish
Shift Lobster
Shift Pastel Jellyfish
Shift Raccoon Fish
Skeleton Fish
Spotted Manta Ray
Striped Frill Seahorse
Tuna 18 in
Tuna Sushi
Vampire Squid
White Betta
White Frost Fish
White Ragged Fish
Banned Fish
Black Clownfish
Bling Fish
Brown Sea Turtle
Card Shark
Color Shift Clownfish
Cyber Electric Eel
Cyber Manta Ray
Cyber Squid
Devil Ray
Glow Venom Fish
Gold Marlin
Green Sea Turtle
Jewel Shift Betta
Lite Shift Ragged Fish
Merman & Mermaid
Muted Fish
Nurse Shark
Psychedelic Squid
Purple Lionfish
Rock Lobster
Salmon 24 in
Scuba Couple
Shift Angelfish
Shift Frost Fish
Shift Juv Emperor
Shift Marlin
Shift Ragged Fish
Shift Rock Beauty
Shift Venom Fish
Shrimp Cocktail
Silver Betta
Silver Seahorse
Tiger Shark
Tuna 24 in
Angel Fish
Blue Flying Fish
Blues Tuna
Frickin Laser Shark
Frozen Fish
Gold Betta
Gold Fish
Gold Seahorse
Grape Jellyfish
Gray Flying Fish
Gray Raccoon
King Salmon
Marlin Rouge
Moby Dick
Peanut Butter Fish
Pixel Fish
Red Flying Fish
Shift Lionfish
Silver Flying Fish

Baby Fish by Food Rarity

Rare UltraRare
(L1+ Pro Only)
(L5 Pro Only)

Flame Angel Blu-Org
Flame Angel Blu-Red
Flame Angel Blu-Yel
Flame Angel Grn-Org
Flame Angel Grn-Red
Flame Angel Grn-Yel
Flame Angel Special
Flame Angel Vio-Org
Flame Angel Vio-Red
Flame Angel Vio-Yel

None yet. None yet.

Clothing & Misc. by Rarity

Common Uncommon Rare UltraRare
(L1+ Pro Only)
(L5 Pro Only)
Black Bikini Bottom
Black Bikini Top
Blue Bikini Bottom
Blue Bikini Top
Blue Sea Urchin
Blue Starfish
Blue Swim Trunks
Hawaiian Swim Trunks
Orange Sea Urchin
Orange Starfish
Pink Bikini Bottom
Pink Bikini Top
Pink Sea Urchin
Purple Starfish
Red Sea Urchin
Red Starfish
Right Boot
Shark Swim Trunks
Yellow Sea Urchin
Yellow Starfish
Logo T-Shirts Bright (6 colors, 2 layers)
Logo T-Shirts Color (5 colors, 2 layers)
Logo T-Shirts Tintable (4 colors, 2 layers)
Blue Crab
Green Crab
Pink Crab
Red Crab
Shift Crab
Blue Oyster
Fishing Hat Box (6 hats)
Food: Luv-n-Flake
Pink Oyster
Purple Oyster
Shift Sea Urchin
Shift Starfish
Worm And Hook Earrings
Zany Hat Box (6 hats)
Gold Crab
Silver Crab
Dayglow Fishing Hat
Gold Fishing Hat
Gold Oyster
Gold Sea Urchin
Gold Starfish
Left Boot
Silver Fishing Hat
Silver Oyster
Silver Sea Urchin
Silver Starfish
Sack of Dynamite
Horseshoe Crab

Blueprints / Salvage

Although Blueprints and Salvage are transferrable, final crafted items are not unless otherwise specified. If you want to give one away as a gift, give the gift of salvage instead!

To Use: Wear the blueprint and click it. It tells you what salvage it's looking for. As you get each piece of salvage, wear them one by one along with the blueprint, click the salvage piece, and then it "loads" the salvage into the blueprint. When the blueprint gets all the pieces, you're automatically sent the completed item.

Blueprint Salvage Requirements
Combat Crab
Rare: Eye Patch
Rare: Jeweled Cutlass
SuperUltraRare: Crab Treats
Uncommon: Crabby Pirate Hat
Dragonfly Boat (6 colors)
Common: Green Leaf
Rare: Dragonfly Food
UltraRare: Magic Leaf Grow
FishFinder Gizmo
Common: Rechargable Battery
Uncommon: WiFi Antenna
Rare: Voltage Meter
Inner Tube
Common: Old Tire
Uncommon: 7Seas Logo Stencil
Rare: Bicycle Pump
UltraRare: Tire Repair Kit
Magic Fish Avatar
SuperUltraRare: Poseidon Trident
UltraRare: Magic Shrink
UltraRare: Sparkly Scales
Oceanography Database
Common: Glowing Sea Crystal
Uncommon: Hydroelectric Thingamajig
Rare: Captain's Log
Rare: Solar Powered Flashlight
Personal Motorboat
[NOTE: Seats 2, does not count as a team in Team Fishing Challenges]
Common: Scrap Metal
Uncommon: Engine Oil
Rare: Steel Propeller
UltraRare: Outboard Motor

Event Items

These are special fish or other items given away for free as part of a holiday event or other promotion. Often these are distributed as freebies in our 7Seas Fishing and 7Seas Social Chat groups. As a result, they can be hard to find after the event, so keep your eyes peeled for them and for people willing to trade for them! These items do not show up in the Oceanography Database.

  • 7Seas Launch Party Fish -- no transfer
  • 8-Bit Fishing Rod
  • April Fools Fish
  • Child's Play Fish
  • Crabby Crab
  • Fishiversary Hat
  • Halloween Batfish
  • Gingerbread Fish
  • Lobster Bib
  • MM Blue Ragged Fish
  • Partay Balloons
  • Pixel Halo and Wings
  • Relay for Life Fish
  • St. Patrick's Day Fish
  • Stars and Spikes Shoulder Pets
  • Valentine 2010

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