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Postby MildredTwine » 08 Feb 2009, 14:32

Hi. I have many fish and would like to put them in an Aquarium in my home. Does anyone know where I can buy an aquarium for them or have a notecard on how to build one? Thank you.

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Re: Aquarium

Postby Seven Shikami » 08 Feb 2009, 20:59


We have a set which includes all sorts of aquariums for sale through any Gear Vendor. It includes your basic boxy home aquarium tank, a sleek rounded one for offices, a fishbowl, and even a 'transparent' one which is basically just a user-defined space for fish.

The key here is that a 7Seas Aquarium lets you add fish to them WITHOUT rezzing the fish themselves (which can sometimes be 100+ prims!). All our official fish have a "To Aquarium" button when you click on them, which sends a copy of them into a 7Seas Aquarium as a single flat prim with a picture of the fish on it. It looks great and means not spending a ton of prims.
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Re: Aquarium

Postby 7Seas Sass » 09 Feb 2009, 05:43

For more tank options, you could build a custom-sized aquarium and use the Transparent Aquariums as filler. So you could have a wall-sized unit if you wanted. :)
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