Promoting Your 7Seas Fishing Area Thru Social Media

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Promoting Your 7Seas Fishing Area Thru Social Media

Postby MincedMedia Clip » 20 Jun 2009, 11:51

There are lots of social media networks to choose from, but let's start with Twitter.

If you'd like to attract SL residents off-world through social media networks, check out
If you're not on Twitter, you are missing out on a popular way to connect with SL residents off-world, to promote your 7Seas Fishing area to a wider audience.

Unlike blogs, you only have to post a 140-character (or less) status update. How easy is that?
I use Twitter for both RL business and personal connections with like-minded people.
Twitter posts show up in Google and in other search engines.

Examples of 7Seas Community members on Twitter:

Click this link to search for other SL residents on Twitter

To connect via Twitter:
1. Sign up for a Twitter account using your avatar name, fishing area name, store name or land.
2. Add a 7Seas notice to your Twitter profile (e.g. "7Seas Fishing Game here!")
Settings > Account tab > One Line Bio
3. Reply to this post with your Twitter link so we can follow you
4. Add your Twitter link to your 7Seas Fishing Forum signature
User Control Panel > Profile tab > Edit Signature
5. Follow me and other 7Seas community creators on Twitter
6. Don't want to interrupt your SL experience to post? Use an SL Twitter gadget or HUD to "tweet" while you're in-world

Second Life Twitter HUD Plus - SLTweets

Twitterbox - a Twitter client for Second Life

When you post to Twitter, don't spam (e.g. post too much, oversell or overpromote). The point is to build community and dialogue, just like in the 7Seas Fishing Forum. A few simple posts about additions to your land or store, new custom catches, and special events, spaced out over time, will attract new, interested SL residents to your in-world activities. Pay attention to replies to your posts, and reply back, so you can engage with other SL residents on Twitter and build relationships.

I also suggest adding one or more of the following hashtags to the end of your tweet - when it's appropriate - so other SL residents can find you in search.

Meanwhile, while Linden Labs figures out the social chat issues, we may want to connect with each other and other SL residents in real time.
I'm thinking of having regular weekly chats via Twitter, using this hashtag
You would converse in real-time through this link:

Let me know if you are interested in a scheduled real time chat.

I hope this helps...

Tweet Ya Later,

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