I'm Back (mostly)

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I'm Back (mostly)

Postby Amara Twilight » 06 Oct 2009, 00:33

Hi there everyone!

I hope that you all have been doing ok. I've missed all of you terribly this last month or two.

My computer issues were more severe then I thought and I had to replace some hardware, which being unemployed became a herculean task as affording such things was/is difficult at best. I've been doing a few odd jobs here and there in order to try and scrape together cash but have had little success in landing a RL job, which isn't too surprising in our current economy.

The trouble with my car went from irritating to horrible and finally back to good. Seems some rodents here chewed through my fuel line in june or july and that cost 1000$ or so to get fixed as they had to pull the gas tank, flush the tank, and install the new stuff. The tank needed a good flushing anyway so that was good but that much money was/is devastating when you're out of work. To make matters worse the DMV in Cali where I used to live continued to botch our paperwork on getting a copy of my title sent to me here in AZ. They were quite capable of cashing any check for fees we needed to pay but Lord, not losing the paperwork the checks were stapled too was far beyond their capabilities. We sent the paperwork and anything additional to them 3 or 4 times before they finally got it right and sent the new title out to me. SO finally I can actually drive again in AZ legally. That was a pretty big roadblock to getting any sort of temp work too as we live a good 15 to 25 min from town. Heh our dirt road has a dirt road before you get to a paved road :)

So the new browser installed ok on my computer and seems to load up to the start screen ok which is good. I'm expecting an easy log in when I have a bit more time, though I dread what I may face getting back into SL. Trying to remember the camera controls, various IM's, lost/angry friends, lots of apologizing. I have no idea if the fishing area that Tamsin let me set up is still around :/ and I've yet to use that new spiffy (now old) device to have it auto-update the area. No idea if my studio is still floating above the fishing area either heh :) Though Tamsin's really cool so I feel it's all still there.

I'm of course horribly behind on projects that I was doing for people, which is also why I almost always refuse to take money up front. You just never know when life is going to get bad, nor for how long.

Again I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to seeing you all again soonish.
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Re: I'm Back (mostly)

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 14 Oct 2009, 12:47

I just got back from a vacation, in case anybody missed me, so I will be back online soon too. Watch out the two baddest broads are back, ha ha.
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