Help: Blueprint crafted item is a pet fish

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Help: Blueprint crafted item is a pet fish

Postby Tabitha Miranda » 19 Apr 2009, 18:37

I have read both the blueprint documentation and the pet fish documentation and can't find an answer.

I made a blueprint item with salvage items and the final crafted item is a fish that needs to use the pet fish scripts.

My question is the rareity setting in the pet script that goes in the prim root.

I do not want my CPG giving out the fish as a regular fishing prize. If I leave rareity = 0 will it only give it out when they have the blueprint and salvage items?
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Re: Help: Blueprint crafted item is a pet fish

Postby Seven Shikami » 19 Apr 2009, 18:43

The rarity variable inside the OpenFish script is only used when you send it to an aquarium. The CPG can't see that value. In fact the CPG can't hand out ANY prize inside it unless you manually stick that prize on one of the prize list notecards, so it's safe to put inside a CPG without worry.
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